December 4, 2023 reacts to Brazil winning “Fossil of the Day” award at COP28 



GLOBAL – This Monday (4/12), at COP28, Brazil received the Fossil of the Day award, an ironic title given daily during the COP to countries that stand out for their contradictions or lack of actions toward climate solutions. The award is granted by the Climate Action Network (CAN), which brings together socio-environmental organizations from around the world, including Brazil.  The award recipients are chosen in daily votes with the participation of NGOs.

Peri Dias, Brazilian representative from at COP28:

“We won the ‘Fossil of the Day’  award, but we can still avoid being the dinosaurs of the decade. Lula is at COP28 in an effort to project an image of climate leadership and raise expectations for COP30 in the Amazon, but the announcement of Brazil’s relationship with OPEC+ threw cold water on these plans. There is still room for change, but we will need a clear direction from the Brazilian government to phase out  oil, gas and coal”, adds Peri.


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