July 10, 2018

350.org reacts to Church of England divestment announcement

GLOBAL – The Church of England has announced its decision to divest from fossil fuel companies by 2023, should these companies not align themselves with the Paris Agreement or fail to take steps towards the transition to a low-carbon economy. The 2023 deadline is later than previous suggestions to divest by 2020, with the Church planning to spend this time to influence and advocate reform among these companies. The announcement comes only three days after the Pope’s strong call to action on climate from a two-day conference held in Vatican with experts and climate pressure groups.

May Boeve, 350.org Executive Director, issued the following statement in response:

“The announcement by the Church of England is very good news, and it’s in line with the tidal wave of commitments amongst religious groups divesting from the fossil fuel industry. The decision adds to the real and growing pressure on fossil fuel companies.
However, waiting until 2023 would mean another five years of money still invested in fossil fuels which could be instead used to support renewable energy and low-carbon projects. The fossil fuel industry had plenty of opportunities to redeem itself; it never did. They need to be stopped now.”

In two months’ time, tens of thousands around the world will be joining one of the Rise for Climate mobilizations, where communities will be calling on elected officials and decision-makers at all levels to take meaningful and immediate climate action for a fossil free world.

Claudio Magliulo, 350.org, [email protected]