December 19, 2014 Reacts to President Obama’s Comments on Keystone XL at White House Press Conference

Brooklyn, NY — Communications Director Jamie Henn issued the following response to President Obama’s comments on Keystone XL at a White House press conference this afternoon:

“Each time President Obama says something about Keystone XL, he seems even more ready to reject it. He also sounds like he’s willing to veto any attempt by climate deniers in Congress to approve the project and trash his climate legacy. The facts are clear: a pipeline approval would worsen global warming, pollute American air and water, and endanger thousands of families living along the pipeline route, while creating virtually no permanent jobs— all so Canadian oil executives get to take home bigger bonuses. Today, the President laid out the argument, now he needs to end the debate with a strong rejection.” has helped lead the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline for the last four years. This January, the campaign will be standing up to the climate deniers in Congress who are attempting to approve Keystone XL and showing the President he has the support he needs to end the project once and for all.