January 26, 2016

350.org Responds to Canada’s Plans for Climate Test on Pipelines

In response to the Government of Canada’s announcement that they would be implementing a climate test on pipelines, 350.org’s Canadian Tar Sands Organizer Cameron Fenton issued this response:

“It’s great that the government is listening to the thousands of people across Canada demanding climate tests on fossil fuel development in this country. We applaud this step in the right direction, but Prime Minister Trudeau is smart enough to know that you can’t fix a car while it’s driving. Each day he allows the illegitimate National Energy Board reviews to continue makes it that much harder to keep his promise to stop approving pipelines using Stephen Harper’s rules.

Any credible climate test that meets Canada’s commitment to a 1.5ºC limit on climate change should mean the end of projects like the Energy East and Kinder Morgan tar sands pipelines. Climate leadership and tar sands don’t mix and it’s past time that Canadian politicians stopped squabbling over this pipeline or that pipeline and woke up to the 21st century. It’s time that we get on with building a just, clean energy economy.”

Contact: Cameron Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155