December 17, 2014

New York Fracking Ban is a HUGE Win; Sets precedent for California and others to follow

Brooklyn, NY —’s Fracking Campaign Manager Linda Capato issued the following statement in response to New York Governor Cuomo’s announcement on fracking today:

“Today Governor Cuomo did the right thing for New Yorkers by listening to experts and issuing a ban on fracking. This victory for health and climate belongs to the thousands of grassroots organizers who led a years long fight to defend their communities from Big Oil and Gas. They defeated millions of dollars in lobbying and paid misinformation with grassroots energy and bold organizing.

This is also a huge win for the anti-fracking movement nationwide. The same health and environmental concerns that led to the ban in New York are present everywhere. Once they have the facts, people across the country will clearly agree with New Yorkers that it is more important to put the health of our children and climate over industry greed.

Now, it’s time for Governor Cuomo to take the next step by moving New York to 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible. The same precautionary principle that Gov. Cuomo administration to ban fracking should apply to new coal and oil infrastructure, as well. Only a clean, renewable energy system can protect our children, our communities, and our climate.”

The decision in New York will have major implications for the fight against fracking nationwide, especially in the state of California, where Governor Jerry Brown is coming under increasing pressure:

“Governor Cuomo didn’t just ban fracking in NY today, he effectively took it off the table for California, as well,” said Capato. “If fracking is dangerous for children in New York, then it’s equally dangerous for children in California. There’s no way that Governor Brown can proceed with fracking now that the risks have been so clearly stated, in such a public forum. With today’s win, we’re going to be intensifying our campaigning on Governor Brown and doubling down on plans for a major rally in Oakland this February that will push him to ban fracking once and for all. It’s simple: real climate leaders don’t frack.” founder Bill McKibben added:

“This is exactly what happens when people organize with enormous skill and dedication. People, especially scattered in small towns across upstate New York–with some help from the big city–showed the whole movement how it’s done.” will be continuing to support the movement to stop fracking in New York and across the United States. This February, is helping organize a major rally in Oakland to push Jerry Brown to stop fracking in California.