November 9, 2022 Responds to U.S. Midterm Election Results

While control of the U.S. Senate and House remain unknown at this hour, there were significant gains for climate champions.  People across the world have been anticipating the U.S. midterm election results as COP27 continues this week, anticipating what it means for the U.S. commitment and ability to move forward climate action.

May Boeve, 350 Action executive director made the following statement:

We know that a large majority of Americans care about climate change, and we’re glad to see some key climate champions won at the national and state level. The gains made are a testament to people power, to the community led efforts, and the mass mobilization of voters across key states who got out the vote in every way possible. As midterm results continue to come in, it is a huge relief to see that the gains give us breathing room to implement real climate solutions and ensure that the historic climate legislation that was passed in August – the Inflation Reduction Act – can be implemented to advance the U.S. into the renewable energy economy and protect our communities from further devastating climate impacts. Many states need to prioritize radical transformation of the US energy sector, through investment in sustainable renewables such as community solar projects.

“The ultimate message these midterm results are sending is that we can and must move forward the important work of advocating for more bold climate action. The climate crisis continues regardless of the final midterm election results. On the executive level, President Biden needs to declare a Climate Emergency and stop fossil fuel expansion now. Doing so would show true leadership in the US, and globally in COP27. With the ongoing climate talks in full swing, Biden can take steps to confirm the U.S. commitment to global climate action and confirm full financial support for loss and damage to the most vulnerable countries who are suffering the most from climate disasters, even though they have contributed the least to global emissions.

“It may be weeks before we see the final results of these midterm elections. There’s still a lot that can be done at the local and state level in many places across the country to advance climate action and solutions. We will work hard to ensure communities can take full advantage of these new opportunities and organize harder than ever for our people and the planet.”