August 26, 2019 response to G7 failure to address climate breakdown

In response to the failure of the G7 to produce an official communiqué, that addresses the devastating impacts of climate breakdown,  May Boeve, Executive Director at, commented:

“The G7 have once again failed to make ambitious plans the world needs to match the urgency of the climate crisis.

As G7 leaders met, fires were burning in the Amazon, Spain,  Siberia, Greenland and Indonesia, exacerbated by droughts and record breaking temperatures. The climate crisis is the single largest issue facing human survival, yet Trump called climate breakdown niche’ 

 More concerned with avoiding another confrontation with Trump than with showing the real leadership the world badly needs, the G7 concluded without any sign that the largest economies on the planet intend to do something about the climate crisis. 

Our house is on fire and governments have shown yet again that they are not fit for leadership.

In September, following the example of the incredible and brave young people who have been striking for the climate, the movement for climate justice will show what real leadership looks like. People from all parts of the world and all walks of life will rise up to demand we stop burning fossil fuels and begin a rapid energy revolution with equity, reparations and climate justice at its heart.”