June 18, 2019

A Climate Emergency Needs an Emergency Response Plan, Not a Pipeline

In response to Canadian MP’s voting to declare a climate emergency, then approving the TransMountain pipeline Cameron Fenton, an organizer with 350.org in Canada issued this response:

“If we’re in a climate emergency, we need an emergency response plan, not a pipeline. You can’t have a real climate plan if you keep ignoring what scientists are telling us – that we need to stop building dangerous fossil fuel projects. This is exactly why we need Green New Deal for Canada to tackle climate change, respect Indigenous rights and make sure no communities or workers are left behind.”

Gabrielle Gelderman, an Edmonton-based organizer with the youth-led Green New Deal campaign Our Time added:

“Young people have spent our entire lives knowing that climate change is an emergency. Approving TransMountain is part of a climate plan that puts us on a dangerous path to exceed 4ºC of warming, that’s why we need a made-in-Canada Green New Deal and a federal leaders debate on climate change to let us know who is going to fight for it.”

More than 8000 people have already signed the petition to Canada’s Leaders’ Debates Commission calling for a climate debate ahead of the 2019 election.



Cameron Fenton

[email protected]