July 30, 2018

350.org on Trump Administration’s Plans to Roll Back Car Emissions Standards

Washington, DC — The Trump Administration by way of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to propose revoking California’s ability to regulate emissions standards for automobiles, and weakening federal fuel economy rules. This comes two months after the EPA submitted its proposal to roll back the Clean Car standards initiative, which was adopted in 2012 with broad support from automakers, labor, and consumers to significantly reduce climate pollution.

350.org Executive Director May Boeve gave the following statement:

“If Trump and his dirty deputies succeed in rolling back the clean car standards, they are ensuring an all-out assault on our climate and communities. The U.S. emits six billion tons of climate pollution every year – yet instead focusing on our quality of life in the long run, this Administration continues to take the side of fossil fuel billionaires over our health and safety.  

“This proposal is a spiteful assault on California and other states’ ability to protect their residents. Governor Jerry Brown and elected officials at all levels must not only take a stand against these onslaughts, but go even further in their commitments to real climate leadership. We must phase out the use of fossil fuels now, while ensuring workers are protected in a just transition to a 100%  renewable energy economy.

“In the midst of severe climate impacts such as California’s wildfires, more intense hurricanes, rising sea levels, and record-breaking temperatures, we won’t remain quiet while the Trump Administration causes more harm. Across the country and the world, people are gearing up to rise for climate on September 8th, days ahead of Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit. In the absence of U.S. federal leadership, we are demanding that our elected officials and decision-makers at all levels take real and immediate action for a fossil free world.”





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