November 22, 2021

Climate and finance groups react to Biden’s Federal Reserve nominations

Washington, DC — Today, President Joe Biden announced the re-nomination of Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chair, and Lael Branaird as Vice-Chair of Supervision. The White House also said today that Biden plans to fill three more vacant Fed board seats, including the Vice Chair of Supervision role, in early December. 

In September, groups delivered over 40,000 petition signatures demanding Biden nominate a Federal Reserve Chair who will account for climate risk. In recent months, dozens of organizations sent letters to President Biden calling for Fed nominees that would act to address climate risk, as well as to ensure a strong economy and combat systemic racism. In late October, activists protested outside Federal Reserve branches calling for Fed Chair Jerome Powell to not be renominated.

Brooke Harper with said: “Biden’s decision to renominate Powell blatantly ignores leading voices in economics, members of Congress, and – most importantly – tens of thousands of supporters who called on his administration to nominate a true climate leader. While we are disappointed in the nomination of Powell, we are encouraged by the elevation of Lael Brainard to the role of Vice Chair. We will also push President Biden to nominate additional board members that will account for climate risk. We have a few weeks left until the Senate Finance Committee votes on Powell’s renomination and we will use this time to mobilize our climate movement and call on the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs  to do what is right for our communities and our planet. We will continue to make our demands heard: the Federal Reserve must steer the economy away from high-risk fossil fuel investments, incorporate a climate stress test across policies and lending, and prioritize racial justice, including through full employment. A mandate to protect the economy must include protecting against climate catastrophe that is pummeling our communities. ”

Ben Cushing, Fossil-Free Finance Campaign Manager, Sierra Club said: “The Fed has an obligation to help protect the economy and the financial system from the growing dangers of climate change, and to do so in a just and equitable manner. To date, the Fed has failed to adequately deploy the tools available to address the threat climate change poses to our economy, and this inaction is putting us all at risk. We are encouraged to see Governor Brainard being elevated to the role of Vice Chair, and it is essential that President Biden nominate additional board members, including the Vice Chair of Supervision, that will act to address climate-related threats to our economy. We will also be paying close attention during the confirmation process to see how Chairman Powell intends to use the Fed’s authority to protect communities, small businesses, pensions, and families from a climate-driven financial crisis.” 

“Now more than ever it is imperative that Chairman Powell steps up and meets expectations and prioritizes bold climate action. Financial policy and regulation is one area where the Fed has a myriad of existing authority that allows it to take the decisive and necessary steps to attenuate further climate chaos. We cannot allow the financial system to operate unchecked and wreak anymore havoc on frontline communities than they already have,” said Amy Gray, Senior Climate Finance Strategist at

Jeff Hauser, Executive Director at Revolving Door Project said: “The country already faces a steep climb to a just transition. Powell has consistently made clear his disinterest in using the Federal Reserve’s power to mitigate climate-related financial risk. With his decision to reappoint Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to another four-year term, President Biden has needlessly added an additional obstacle to that path. Biden has given Powell effective veto power over his other picks, who are likely more closely aligned with Biden on the urgency of the climate crisis. We urge the Administration to minimize Trump’s deregulatory Federal Reserve legacy and make a regulatory expert like Sarah Bloom Raskin Vice Chair for Supervision and elevated a rising star such as Dr. Lisa Cook to the Board of Governors.

In the meantime, Senate Democrats must demand Powell step entirely away from the ethics investigation into his own wrongdoing and commit to acceding to all supervision related resource and agenda requests from the Vice Chair for Supervision.”

“By renominating Powell, who has repeatedly minimized central banks’ role in addressing the climate crisis, Biden has missed a rare opportunity to appoint diverse and transformational leaders to the Fed. But by now it should be clear that addressing climate-related financial risk falls squarely within the Fed’s mandate to promote full employment, and ensure price and financial stability. We hope that Powell and the Fed will heed the warnings of economists, politicians and civil society groups, and start using its toolkit to protect our economy and our communities from a climate-driven financial crisis,” said Akiksha Chatterji, Digital Campaigner at Positive Money US. 

“The world’s scientists have made it abundantly clear in the recent IPCC 6th Assessment that the world must transition beyond fossil fuels rapidly – largely in the next decade, to avoid a terrible escalation of climate disasters, which are already hurting Colorado’s people and economy,” said Micah Parkin, Executive Director of 350 Colorado. “So we are joining other organizations nationwide in calling on the Federal Reserve and other banking regulators and policymakers to stop financing the fossil fuel companies fueling the climate crisis.”

David Arkush, managing director of Public Citizen’s Climate Program, said, “President Biden’s re-nomination of Chair Powell doubles down on reckless Wall Street deregulation and dangerous dawdling on climate-related threats to the financial system, flouting Biden’s own whole-of-government approach to stemming climate threats. As the 2008 financial crisis showed, fecklessness by financial regulators doesn’t appear terribly dangerous until catastrophe suddenly materializes. That is the path Powell has put us on.

“The silver lining is Biden’s elevation of Lael Brainard to Vice Chair. Brainard has shown significantly more leadership across the Fed’s missions and has influenced Powell for the better.

The President has three more seats to fill. He should quickly nominate individuals like Sarah Bloom Raskin and Lisa Cook who will improve the Board’s diversity and work to fulfill its full mission. Powell should defer to the leadership of Brainard and others on financial regulation and climate. If he refuses, they should use their majority votes to steer the Fed toward responsible action.”


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