January 14, 2015

EPA Methane Rules No Cure for Fracking

In response to new regulations on methane emissions announced by The White House, 350.org’s Fracking Campaign Coordinator Linda Capato issued the following statement:

“Grassroots opposition to fracking has helped make this issue a national priority, and it deserves the credit for pushing the White House to take action. The new rules are a small step forward, but not nearly enough. While the proposed regulations acknowledge the major climate threat posed by fracking, they give a free pass to many existing sources of methane pollution, like leaky transmission and distribution infrastructure.

“Even if the regulations were more sweeping, they still wouldn’t justify the ongoing expansion of fracking, a risky practice that endangers our communities, water, and climate. The only way to seriously address climate change is to leave fossil fuels in the ground–when you’re in a hole, the first rule is: stop digging. Governors, and other public officials, should follow the example set by New York and ban this dangerous practice once and for all.”