June 20, 2017

350.org on ExxonMobil Supporting Carbon Tax: “more of the same delay and deceit”

New York, NY — Today, multiple sources revealed that ExxonMobil, the world’s wealthiest oil company, will support a plan that calls for a carbon tax. The plan also calls for scrapping decades of hard-won climate and community protections, and shielding fossil fuel companies from lawsuits that would uphold accountability for perpetuating climate change.

In light of this, Jamie Henn, 350.org Strategic Communications Director, issued the following statement:

“It’s important to separate the game from the truth. Exxon is signing onto this carbon tax proposal because they know it’s dead-on-arrival, but hope it will distract from the ongoing investigations into whether the company lied to the public and its investors about climate change. We already know from the New York Attorney General’s investigation that Exxon misled investors about its internal carbon tax, stating one price externally but using a lower internal price to double down on fossil fuel extraction. Exxon has a decades-long track record of misleading the public on climate change, this is just more of the same delay and deceit.”



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