September 17, 2020 Responds to Rep Schakowsky’s Future Generations Protection Act

Washington, DC — Today, Representative Schakowsky introduced her Future Generations Protection Act, an anti fossil fuels bill that would ban greenhouse gas emissions from all new power plants, stop hydraulic fracking, and ban crude oil and natural gas exports.

350 Action Policy Director Natalie Mebane gave the following response:

“We applaud Representative Schakowsky’s bold vision for a just world, away from the fossil fuel stronghold and towards a renewable energy future. For too long, fossil fuel corporations have wrecked unchecked havoc on this planet, disproportionately impacting frontline communities. From banning emissions from new power plants to halting hydraulic fracking to stopping gas exports, this bill is the future we are fighting for.”


Contact: Denali Nalamalapu, [email protected]