February 7, 2019

350.org on Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey’s Green New Deal Resolution

Washington, DC — Today, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Ed Markey introduced a resolution outlining plans for a Green New Deal. In response, 350.org Executive Director May Boeve gave the following statement:

“This resolution is a massive step forward on the path to making the Green New Deal a reality. For too long, we’ve seen legislative action fail to live up to the scale and scope of the climate crisis. Representative Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Markey, and the grassroots leaders whose shoulders they stand on are working to change that. We need bold policies that address climate change as an issue that is deeply rooted in health, prosperity, and justice for communities everywhere.

“The Green New Deal is a critical opportunity to stand up to fossil fuel billionaires while kickstarting a just transition to renewable energy and creating millions of family-sustaining jobs. With the window for action to prevent catastrophic climate change quickly closing, it’s time for elected officials at all levels to support this visionary effort to secure a sustainable future.”

For several months, momentum for a Green New Deal has grown exponentially as more elected officials have spoken out in support for the proposal. This week, more than 100,000 petition signatures were delivered to Congressional offices during more than 100 events around the country urging legislators to take a stand on the Green New Deal.


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