November 9, 2020

‘Move the Money’: civil society groups call on public banks to support people and the planet

Actions in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe ahead of the Finance in Common Summit draw attention to the role of development banks to finance a Just Recovery

This week, 450 public development banks and financial institutions that control approximately $2 trillion in public money all over the globe are gathered for the first time to discuss actions to ensure a just recovery from Covid-19 and towards a transition to better and more sustainable economic systems for all. First global event of its kind, the Finance in Common Summit (FiC) aims to get commitments from participating banks to align their policies with climate, sustainable development and biodiversity goals.

To draw attention to the need for development banks to lead the way and direct public money to a truly healthy, equitable, sustainable and just recovery, actions will be taking place in all corners of the globe during the week. 

Photos and videos will be available after the events HERE.

Key Activities:


  • On 9th November, civil society groups in Abuja, Nigeria will hand over a joint civil society letter to the African Development Bank (AfDB) asking the finance institution to divest from fossil fuels and increase funding to renewables across Africa.
  • More information: Joseph Ibrahim, GIFSEP Spokesperson, [email protected], +234 803 057 2221; and Robert Magori, Communications Manager at, [email protected], +254 721 525 344.


  • On Tuesday 10th, and allies will assemble a portable solar power generator and donate it to an impacted community who are suffering from power outages due to Super Typhoon Goni. They will do a photo-opportunity in Manila, with hologram fans that will create light banners, with messages calling on Asian development banks to put public money towards achieving a Just Recovery post-Covid19 and the climate crisis.
  • More information: Chuck Baclagon, Finance Campaigner at Asia, [email protected], +63 9272412743; and Nicole Han, Communications Manager at Asia and Pacific, [email protected], +65 9828 1538. 


  • On Thursday 12th at 9:30am local time, and allies will open 4 giant banners (20m long) on different bridges in Paris, next to the main French public financial institutions. The banners contain the messages: “Save billions of lives: fund people not climate criminals”; “Destroying our lungs, our lands, flooding our communities/ Exxon, BP, Gazprom, Shell, Total & Eni: Make Them Pay”; “Human Rights are also obligations – do your diligence”; and “Rich countries’ environmental debt: the only legitimate debt”.
  • More information: Clémence Dubois, France Team Leader at, [email protected], +33642713175; and Melanie Mattauch, Associate Director of Communications at Europe, [email protected], +49 176 4703 9315. 


  • On Thursday 12th at 10 a.m. (GMT-3), and partners will do a creative action in Rio de Janeiro, demanding that the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) stop financing fossil fuels and put its billions of BRL in renewable and just energy.
  • More information: Ilan Zugman, Interim Managing Director Latin America,, +55 (41) 995192795; and Peri Dias, Communications Manager at Latin America, [email protected], +591 7899 2202.