February 1, 2018

350.org on Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts to Clean Energy Program: “This is the real war on American energy”

Washington, DC — In response to the Trump administration’s plans to ask Congress for deep cuts to funding for the Dept. of Energy’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in fiscal year 2019, 350.org Executive Director May Boeve gave the following statement:

“This is the real war on American energy. Trump is trying to purposely sabotage the burgeoning renewable energy industry to appease fossil fuel billionaires. This budget isn’t about what’s best for America, it’s about corporate greed. Millions of jobs could be created by wind and solar, and we’ll need robust research and planning to get there. Last night our ‘Climate State of the Union’ provided a plan for local action to keep fossil fuels in the ground and drive forward a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy. Without support from Washington, it will take communities across this country and around the globe working together to build the fossil free world we need.”


To watch 350.org’s ‘Climate State of the Union’ event, click here: https://bit.ly/fossilfreelivestream

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