January 10, 2023

350.org responds to Alberta Environment Minister’s comments on the term “Just Transition”

Edmonton, AB – Responding to Alberta Environment Minister Sonya Savage’s calls for the federal government to stop using the term “Just Transition,” Emma Jackson, Canada Field Organizer with 350.org issued this statement.

“Minister Savage can try to stir up fear about the phrase ‘just transition’ all she wants, but the fact is a strong majority of Canadians want bolder action from governments to speed up the necessary shift to clean energy and to make sure no worker or community gets left behind in the process.

350 Canada’s bigger concern about the long-promised Just Transition Act is that the Trudeau government is still not ready to act at the scale and speed that this moment demands. Whether it’s called the Just Transition Act or the Sustainable Jobs Plan, our movement will stay focused on the substance of the proposed bill. We deserve just transition legislation that aligns with IPCC science, guarantees a good, unionized, green job to anyone who wants one, and puts people first, not corporate profits.”


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