January 5, 2015

Statement on Governor Brown’s Climate Agenda

In response to climate goals outlined by California Governor Jerry Brown at his re-inauguration ceremony, 350.org issued the following statement:

“It’s great to hear that Governor Brown is so committed to reducing fossil fuel consumption in California,” said Linda Capato of 350.org. “While this is a real step in the right direction, it still doesn’t address the reality that thousands of wells across our state are pouring hundreds of thousands gallons of freshwater down a hole to release oil that worsens our collective addiction to fossil fuels. The bottom line is simply this: California can’t claim to be a national leader in the fight against climate change while also unabashedly participating in an extreme energy extraction methods that worsens it and endangers the health of our communities.  That’s why we’re looking to Governor Brown to make this a reality, and walk the walk by banning fracking across the state of California and take the lead from Governor Cuomo in NY and protect our communities. Join us on February 7th in Oakland to push the Governor to be a REAL climate leader and take the right steps to end the climate crisis.”

For more information, please visit: www.marchforclimateleadership.org.