September 16, 2019

TODAY: Sept 20 NYC Youth-Led Climate Strike & Puerto Rico Day of Action

In coordination with Global Climate Strikes, commemorating 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Maria, NYC march will kick-off at Foley Square, land in Battery Park for speakers & performers

New York, NY — In coordination with Global Climate Strikes happening in over 150 countries, New York City youth will lead a massive multigenerational, multiracial mobilization for transformative climate justice on today, September 20. 

Today marks the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, and comes just days before the United Nations Climate Summit and New York City Climate Week. The NYC March is one of over 1000 actions happening in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Guam, happening ahead of a week for climate action with escalated events happening Sept 20-28.

What: New York City Climate Strike + Puerto Rico Day of Action

When: TODAY, Friday, September 20, 2019, 11am – 5pmEST

Where: PRESS CHECK-IN: 11am, Foley Square 

PUERTO RICO RALLY: 11am, Santander Bank, 336 Broadway, NY

RALLY: 12pm, Foley Square

SPEAKERS + PERFORMERS: 3pm, Battery Park

Visuals: Music, spokespeople, massive crowd; 10 painted parachutes, cardboard cut-outs of waves lining the march, blue tarps, banners, posters, handmade signs, and more!

Who: New York City youth climate strikers; Puerto Rican community members; over 100 NYC organizations officially endorsing; artists, elders, faith communities, workers and union members; elected officials, national climate and progressive organizations, and many more!


Vic Barrett, 20 year-old Juliana vs US plaintiff, climate justice activist 

Greta Thunberg, 16 year-old Swedish climate activist

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 19 year-old Indigenous Climate Activist, Youth Director Earth Guardians; Plaintiff, Juliana vs US

Julio López Varona, Co-director of Community Dignity Campaigns, Center For Popular Democracy

Jaden and Willow Smith, Musicians, Actors, Activists 

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist and Founder of Urban Ocean Lab

Grace Goldstein, 17 year-old youth activist, US Climate Strike

Rebeca Sabnam, 16 year-old New York & Bangladeshi activist, Youth Advocate for Cafeteria Culture

Isabella Fallahi and Kevin Patel, Youth activists, Zero Hour

Artemisa Xakriabá, Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB) youth leader, and member of the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

Marisol Rivera, 13 year-old Hurricane Sandy survivor, New York Communities for Change

Varshini Prakash, Executive Director, Sunrise Movement

Judy Sheridan Gonzalez, President, New York State Nurses Association


MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Youth strikers, Puerto Rican leaders, frontline community members, faith group leaders, union members, and more are available for interview throughout the day.

For more information on the NYC Sept 20 March, visit and explore this media pack.