December 6, 2022

Rally outside Prime Minister’s Office amplifies call for oil and gas windfall profits tax

Organizers delivered petition signatures from over 35,000 Canadians demanding Trudeau hold the fossil fuel industry accountable and fund a rapid, just transition to clean energy

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Ottawa – Earlier today, supporters of a nationwide campaign for an oil and gas windfall profits tax rallied outside the Prime Minister’s Office and delivered petitions signed by more than 35,000 people across Canada. Participants called on Trudeau and his government to tax the record profits fossil fuel companies made this year and invest in a rapid, just transition to clean energy. They were joined by MPs Elizabeth May, Laurel Collins, and Mike Morrice.

“Canada’s oil and gas industry tripled its profits this year, while everyday people struggled.” said Katie Perfitt, Senior Organizing Specialist with “I’m tired of seeing Trudeau make excuses for Big Oil’s greed while the planet burns. Canada needs a Windfall Profits Tax now.”

The rally brought together campaigns led by 350 Canada, Leadnow and Greenpeace, organized in response to growing public outrage as fossil fuel companies spent this year’s record profits on share buybacks instead of investing in long-promised emissions reduction efforts.

“History has proven that we can’t trust fossil fuel companies to invest in real climate action,” said Keith Stewart, Senior Energy Strategist with Greenpeace Canada. “Taxing the oil and gas industry’s excess profits can not only put money back into the pockets of Canadians, but also prevent this from happening again by accelerating the transition off of the fossil fuels that are causing both climate change and spiking energy costs.”

Speakers at the rally reflected on how the climate crisis hurt Canadians this year, including the derecho storm that caused an estimated $720 million in damage across Ontario in May, emphasizing that the climate crisis will get worse as long as fossil fuel expansion continues. They also pointed to the examples set by other governments, including the European Union and the UK, that introduced their own windfall profits taxes this year. The UN Secretary General has also called for a windfall tax on oil companies to help pay for climate-related damages in developing countries.

“This moment calls for bold action to get us off fossil fuels fast, but Big Oil’s greed is standing in the way,” said Jesse Whattam, Campaigns Manager with Leadnow. “It’s been inspiring to see so many people across the country taking action to demand a Windfall Profits Tax. Canadians know it makes sense for polluters, not the public, to pay for climate action.”



Chris Gusen

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