April 22, 2021

The Problem with Justin Trudeau’s New Climate Target – 350 Statement

Toronto, ON – In response to Justin Trudeau’s announcement that Canada is setting a new 40-45% by 2030 emissions reduction target, Amara Possian, Canada Campaigns Director with 350.org issued this statement: 

“The problem with Justin Trudeau’s new climate pledge can be summed up in two words – fossil fuels. Neither Trudeau’s new climate plan, nor his budget, nor this new climate promise include a plan to tackle soaring emissions from tar sands, fracking and other fossil fuel expansion that makes Canada the only G7 country whose emissions have gone up since signing the Paris Agreement. Canada needs to cut our emissions at least 60% by 2030 and pass legislation like a Just Transition Act to make sure we meet our Paris commitment and leave no one behind.  

Since Justin Trudeau won’t act at the pace and scale of the climate emergency, we need the NDP and the Greens to form a Climate Emergency Alliance ahead of the next election to push Canada to set ambitious targets and follow-through with the policies to meet them. It’s not too late for Canada to do what’s necessary, but we can’t afford four more years of Trudeau’s status quo”. 


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155