August 26, 2020

Thousands Call on Trudeau, Freeland to Release Updated Trans Mountain Cost 

Concern mounts over rising cost of pipeline during pandemic, economic crisis. 

Toronto, ON – Thousands of people from all across Canada have signed a petition calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and newly minted Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to release an updated cost for the Trans Mountain pipeline. Calling for the “true cost of Trans Mountain” the petition raises concerns that, during COVID-19, the pipeline’s price tag, borne by the Canadian public, has been skyrocketing behind the scenes.

“Back in February, we learned that the pipeline’s cost had ballooned from $5 billion to nearly $13 billion, ” said Amara Possian, Canada Campaign Manager with “That was before COVID-19 struck, so we’re asking for an update. We want to know what the cost of TransMountain is now. They are spending public money after all.”

The petition comes as Trudeau and Freeland gear up to announce a new agenda for their government, pledging to “build back better” with a “green recovery”. 

“Every dollar we’re spending on this pipeline is a dollar that isn’t going to people and communities dealing with the fallout of COVID-19,” Possian explained. “We need to know the true cost of Trans Mountain because that will give us a real sense of this government’s priorities right now. Trudeau just announced $2 billion for safe school reopenings, which sounds like a lot, until you realize he might be spending more than $25 billion on Trans Mountain”. 

At the end of the day, signatories of the petition are looking for some transparency and public accountability. 

“The last time the cost of this pipeline jumped from $5 to $13 billion, support for the project plummeted,” said Possian. “I can’t imagine that most people in this country want to see us spending even more money on this pipeline when there are so many people and communities that need it more.” 


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