December 11, 2019

Youth occupy climate talks to call attention on climate emergency. reacts

MADRID – As COP25 is coming close to an end, youth activists occupied the plenary hall. The symbolical act aimed to make clear that the climate negotiations are still falling drastically behind what science demands be done to avoid the worst case scenarios of the climate crisis.

This process needs to acknowledge the absolute need for immediate plans to phase out fossil fuels and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.


Hoda Baraka, Chief Communications Officer at, issued the following statement: 

“Today, once again, the youth are providing the moral clarity that is sorely missing from the climate talks. Millions of young people have hit the streets this year in an unprecedented wave of mobilizations to call for drastic and immediate action on the climate crisis. The climate talks have so far responded by kicking the can down the road, once again. Unless there are strong commitments to start phasing out fossil fuels immediately, including finance flows that continue to expand fossil fuel production, politicians risk the backlash of an entire generation that is terrified for their future and outraged by the influence that the fossil fuel industry has on the political process.”