What first comes to mind when you hear the term Ocean Rower? Vikings? Argonauts? Talented environmental leader? 

If you didn’t expect the latter, you haven’t met Roz. Today, we’re completely honored and humbled to announce that Roz Savage, ocean rower extraordinaire, has joined the 350.org Athletes team to help build support for the October 24 International Day of Climate Action. In 2005, Roz rowed across the Atlantic Ocean … I’ll pause a sec for you to think about that … in a custom built row boat to draw attention to the cause of protecting the environment. In 2008, she began a three-stage attempt to row across the Pacific, rowing first from San Francisco to Hawaii, next from Hawaii to Kiribati, and is currently planning her third and final leg from Kiribati to New Zealand.

Check out Roz’s Oct. 24 endorsement video from San Francisco, where her epic Pacific voyage began:

We’re in the final two weeks push towards the Oct. 24 and I know a lot of us around the world may be feeling a bit worn out. Organizing is tough work and the logistics and challenges of planning your local event or action can be draining. Personally, hearing Roz’s story was a good boost of motivation . . . somehow checking a few more emails doesn’t seem so hard compared to rowing across the entire Ocean. As Roz wrote on her Atlantic voyage, "But at last, after three thousand miles and 103 days at sea, I am about to accomplish my goal. I am proving that anybody can achieve the extraordinary, if only they have enough guts and determination and sheer bloody-mindedness to see it through." 

Roz will be joining a 350 Event in London, one of our largest around the world, and acting as a global spokesperson for the campaign over the coming weeks. Here’s to sheer guts and determination! 

Learn more about Roz Savage, her adventures, and her latest book on her website.


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