Tell Siemens to drop

the Adani coal mine


The Adani mega-mine needs Siemens’ deal for rail signals to take off. But if we push Siemens’ to drop the contract, we can help stop the destruction of indigenous lands and the Great Barrier Reef.

This Wednesday, 5 February 2020, Siemens holds their annual shareholder meeting. This is our chance to tell them to stop fueling the fires of climate crisis.


👇 Ways to increase the pressure 👇

🌪️ Take part in a Facebook comment storm…

If you look at Siemens’ public Facebook page you will see comments on many of the posts criticising them for their involvement in the Adani project. Siemens responds, telling people to keep their comments to the one Facebook post they have written on the topic.

But Siemens aren’t doing what we’re asking them to do. So we won’t do what they want either.

Step 1:

Follow this link for one of Siemens’ most recent Facebook posts.


Step 2:

Leave a comment! Here are some suggestions, but do get creative:

Siemens, your profits are not worth more than a safe future on this planet! Ditch the Adani coal mine deal! #StopAdani

If fully developed, the Adani coal mines would emit almost as much CO2 per year as the whole of Germany. Siemens, do the right thing and #StopAdani. Your customers count on you!

Siemens, if you go ahead with the Adani deal you will lose your reputation and your clients. It’s 2020 and enabling coal in destroying our climate won’t pass!

… and if you want to leave similar comments on every single one of Siemens’ recent posts, we won’t stop you!

📢 Amp up the pressure on Twitter…

If you’d rather stay off Facebook or if you want to double your impact, Twitter is also an option.

Tap or click to tweet one of these sample tweets – or write your own! Remember to use #SiemensFuelsFires and #StopAdani.


Hey @Siemens, why are you prioritising your profits over our future? Ditch the Adani coal mine deal! 🤬

✂️ @Siemens, cut your ties with the Adani project NOW ✂️

Over 60 major companies have ruled out working with the polluting Adani mine. Why won’t you, @Siemens? 👀

🚫 It’s 2020, and supporting a mega coal mine is UNACCEPTABLE 🚫 @Siemens, stop fuelling #ClimateBreakDown


Go ahead and tweet several times – every tweet helps increase the pressure on Siemens to do the right thing and drop Adani!

Why take action?

The Adani mine in Australia is probably the largest, most destructive new coal project you’ve never heard of. If it starts operating, it will produce millions of tonnes of climate-wrecking coal. It will displace indigenous people and deal the final blow to the Great Barrier Reef.

But the project can still be stopped – and Siemens, a European company, is the key. A massive, vocal opposition from around the globe has risen to support the Australian and indigenous campaigners in their fight to #StopAdani. Before Siemens’ general shareholder meeting on Wednesday we’re raising the pressure even more.

Will you share this with your networks?

Siemens’ upcoming AGM is a perfect opportunity to increase the pressure on them from the public, the media – and their own shareholders.

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Finally, there’s one more thing you can do:

If you want to take this campaign offline and into the streets, we’ve got one more thing for you to do.

We’ve created this parody of a Siemens advert, highlighting their role in worsening the climate crisis. It would send a strong message to the public, the media and Siemens shareholders and employers if they spotted this spoof advert on their way to work, school or the shop.

You can download the poster here below, and then go ahead and put it up across your city or town.


Spoof poster for the Siemens Adani campaign