On October 24th, more than 1 million people took part in the largest protest in Chile since the beginning of its new democratic period, about 30 years ago.  In the following days, huge protests of more than 100,000 people continued to happen.

According to the The Guardian, 7,000 have been arrested amid the government’s crackdown, and there have been credible allegations of human rights abuses by security forces.

Thousands protest in Plaza Baquedano in Santiago, Chile. 25 October 2019. Pic: CC/ Hugo Morales

Since climate disruptions deepen pre-existing conflicts and inequalities, we will not solve our social crises without tackling the climate crisis. And any efforts to prevent climate catastrophe without tackling inequality and genuinely defending human rights and civil liberties are destined to fail.

COP25 will now be held in Madrid, Spain, while the fight for justice continues across Chile.

We will not forget that repression continues in Chile and must end. We will continue supporting freedom of expression and social and climate justice in Latin America.

Protesters gather in Plaza Baquedano, Santiago, Chile, 22 October 2019. Pic: CC/ Carlos Figueroa

So we need your help — send a message to the activists in Chile who are still fighting for freedom of expression, social and climate justice. 

Post a message of solidarity to the activists in Chile on your social networks. Record a video, take a photo, or write your message down and post it using the hashtags #PazParaChile or #ChileDespertó:

“Demanding social equity is a fundamental right of people anywhere in the world, as is addressing the climate emergency. We stand in solidarity with the Chilean people who are calling for an end to military presence in the streets and a restoration of human rights. It’s incumbent on the international climate movement to continue to show our support for the brave activists and environmental defenders across Latin America who are giving their lives for this cause.” – May Boeve, 350.org

As people around the world, we must answer this repression with a bold and resounding call for our collective liberation. The demand to be free not only from climate disaster, but from the inequality and corruption that got us into this crisis in the first place. It’s time to bring our movements together: we need to make way for a future which will be fair, equal and sustainable at the same time.

People have the power to achieve great change. Because this is where real leadership is – and because it is our only hope.

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