Right now the National Energy Board is accepting applications to intervene in their review of the Energy East project. Unfortunately, despite over 100,000 messages from people across Canada demanding a climate review of the project, the NEB is refusing to consider the climate impacts of the pipeline and the tar sands expansion is would facilitate. Thankfully, in the absence of political leadership – and with just over two weeks left until the end of the NEB’s application period for Energy East – communities across Canada are stepping up to submit hundreds of applications to NEB requesting to speak to the pipelines massive climate impacts. Check out some of the faces and voices of folks who have applied: 

“I applied as an intervenor to the NEB Energy East process because I am a young person whose life is directly impacted by climate change. If built, this pipeline will increase greenhouse gas emissions significantly, endanger the ecosystems and livelihoods in my province, and further tie the economy that I rely on into a dying industry. This impacts me and every Canadian; I want the National Energy Board to know that and hear me. ” – Emma Norton – Halifax, Nova Scotia

to350appparty3  TO350AppParty2  HalifaxEEParty2 Mark D'Arcy - NB Campaigner Leticia addresses the group

Events from Winnipeg to Halifax have already gathered hundreds of applications, and more than 20 other events are already planned for the coming weeks. Get involved by clicking any of the buttons below.

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