Right now coal, oil and gas corporations like Shell, Total or Fortum are getting millions from the European Central Bank – money that was meant to help reboot our economies and support workers in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. It’s time we raise the pressure.

Take action: ask European Central Bank’s President Christine Lagarde to fund a just recovery for people, not climate criminals 👇


Tap the image to automatically send a tweet, including a picture of our virtual banner, to President Lagarde:


We can’t automate this one for you, but it’s a sure way for our demands to be noticed! Here are the simple steps to take:

  1. Go to Christine Lagarde’s Facebook page
  2. Pick one of her recent posts (doesn’t matter which one!) and write a comment
  3. In the comment, you can write how angry you feel that the European Central Bank she runs is making the climate crisis worse by funding climate criminals (like Shell, Total, Fortum/Uniper, Enel, Repsol and many others). You can ask Ms Lagarde to respond to our demands, to pledge to stop funding fossil fuels, to prioritise a green, just recovery from the pandemic, and a Green New Deal. Make it personal if you can – say why it’s important for you.
  4. Unfortunately Ms Lagarde’s page doesn’t allow for photos in comments, but you can still share our virtual banner by adding this link to your post:

Why is this important? The European Central Bank has billions of euro to spend to help Europe through the coronavirus crisis. But instead of funding people and public services, they’re bankrolling fossil fuels! Here’s all you need to know

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End fossil finance!

It’s simple — to prevent devastating climate breakdown, we have to end all finance to fossil fuels.

Public and private banks pour hundreds of billions of euros each year into the climate-wrecking fossil industry. We need to urgently work together to stop fossil finance through sustained public organising and people power.

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