We just witnessed the largest climate mobilization in US — and global — history.

The global attendance numbers are still being tallied – but we’re well into millions by now. It’s incredible. School kids led the way – and adults showed up to help.

But the beauty of today goes far beyond the number of people who took to the streets.

It’s about the feeling of power, of solidarity, of togetherness. It’s about our ability to stand together as people, across divides and borders. It’s about making a choice and about choosing what is right.

It’s about being brave, and bold, and about not being afraid to stand up for each other and challenge the status quo.

And it’s only just beginning. On Sunday, September 22nd, we’re co-hosting a Climate Mass Organizing call with MoveOn, Future Coalition, and other key partners in the US Climate Strike. Sign up now to join the call and find out what’s next for the climate movement.


Join Sunday’s Climate Mass Organizing Call

The strikes will continue throughout the week to culminate next Friday, on the 27 September. There’s much more to come. But today was special: it showed all of us that we can be brave. We can be hopeful. We can claim the power to shift the world.

Climate Strike events are continuing to take place across the US over the next week — from local rallies to bold confrontations with local fossil fuel infrastructure. Check out the map again to see if there are more events happening near you.

See how it happened, in highlights, and keep following the global live coverage throughout the week.

New York:

San Francisco:

Washington DC:



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