Global emissions keep rising, climate impacts are larger and more frequent than ever, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a crisis that is sending European governments in a shopping frenzy for gas from anywhere where they can buy it. Those governments and others around the world are doubling down on fossil fuel expansion at a time when we should be phasing fossil fuels out entirely in a just transition to a sustainable and equitable economy.

In the middle of all this, throughout the last few years, youth have been a mobilising force for climate action. The climate strikes of 2019 have shifted public opinion and put climate at the top of the political agenda in many parts of the world. Throughout this year young people have continued to stand for justice, shifting the terms of the conversation on our response to the latest intersecting crises.

In the coming couple of months, students will be occupying schools and universities under the banner of “End Fossil” – demanding the end of our extractive, exploitative fossil fuel economy. They take inspiration from historical examples of student-led action, and they very clearly outline three key principles for their work together: the political framework behind these occupations is one of climate justice, the occupations are youth-led, and their intention is to occupy until their demands are met.

We, the undersigned groups and organisations, stand behind those students, wish them success, and appreciate them for showing leadership and taking action. We’re supportive of their focus on climate justice and their intention to disrupt but also use those spaces as spaces of collective learning and liberation. We welcome their plans to take on the fossil fuel industry as the culprits of the climate crisis.

There is joy and hope in taking action together. We stand in support and solidarity with the End Fossil student occupations.


List of signatories
Adfree Cities
Amigos de la Tierra _ FoE Spain
BIPOC Climate Justice Network
Centre for Citizens Conserving Environment & Management (CECIC)
Climate Defense Project
Climate Vanguard
Corporate Europe Observatory
Extinction Rebellion Lewes
Fridays For Future Digital
Fridays for Future Marburg
Greenpeace Netherlands
Internationale Socialisten
Jetzt oder Nie! Eltern gegen die Fossilindustrie
Kolektiv Z
LaSt Laboratorio Studentesco
Oceans Not Oil
Parents For Future Berlin
Parents For Future Nordfriesland
Réseau des jeunes pour le développement communautaire
Rising Tide North America
Social Tipping Point Coalitie
Students for Future NL
Teachers for Climate
Third Act Educators
Wald statt Asphalt

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