We’re posting this flier all over the place in Copenhagen (click it to blow it up!). President Nasheed of the Maldives is the first head of state to arrive in Denmark, and the first thing he’s doing is meeting with the peoples’ forum! This will be a big deal — and we’re psyched to pack the house for a powerful start to the second week of the negotiations. You woke up the world for 350 on Oct 24th.  You shined the light for 350 as the key to Survival this past weekend.  Now expect to see those three numbers featured in the most fiery speech to galvanize the international climate movement yet. 

You can make this major event HUGE by bringing your friends if you’re in town, and if you’re not here physically, by promoting the event through your social networks. Stay tuned for us to do some live-Twitter updating & potential live footage! 


Suicide Pact or Survival Pact?
Monday, 14th December 4pm – 6:30pm
The Orange Room (Google map)

President Nasheed of the Maldives and Bill McKibben are speaking at Klima Forum!

Nasheed has been the world’s most outspoken and bravest leader regarding climate change and what we need to do. He isn’t just brave because he endured five years as a political prisoner before finally ousting the country’s long-time ruler in an election last autumn. He’s brave, too, because he’s confronting head-on the question of the country’s (and the world’s) survival, instead of simply focusing on easier issues. Monday will be a very important speech for Nasheed as it’s his chance to address the public and the youth, and rally them to action – so come be a part of history! You’ll hear a preview of what will be the most fiery speech any world leader will make to the COP, and you can show your support for the leader who is really sticking his neck out.

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