I've been saddened over the last few weeks to watch too many Americans attacking plans to build a Muslim Community Center in downtown Manhattan. A colleague of ours, Daisy Khan, is one of the moving forces behind the new center, which should be welcomed as a repudiation of the violence of 9/11–what better symbol could there be of America's resilience?

But the ugliest part of the controversy has been the opposition to Islam in general popping up around America, and especially the remarks from some 'leaders' that there's 'no such thing' as moderate islam. This, of course, is nonsense of the purest sort. And we have the pictures–thousands of them–to prove it. No countries on earth have participated as thoroughly in the 350.org movement as entirely Muslim nations like Bangladesh or the Maldives that (no fault of their own) are threatened with destruction. There were 350.org events in every Muslim country on earth–below just a few photos, from the Maldives, Yemen, Iraq. There are many others I could have chosen–the huge joint demonstration around the shores of the Dead Sea, in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan for instance.

If there's one useful thing about our environmental peril, it's to remind us how connected we really are, despite superficial differences. Caring about the future is a deep human trait, and it can help build the bridges that need building. We know that all these countries are even more deeply engaged for 10/10/10–it will be a chance to demonstrate to those who can't see past their fear and hate what the world might look like.





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