sites/all/files/dsc03141.jpgYesterday more than 35 people showed up at lunchtime to join the Tar Sands solidarity protest outside the Canadian High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand. It was a colourful and noisy turn-out demanding that Canada put an end to Tar Sands exploitation. We came out to stand in solidarity with the hundreds of people who have been arrested outside the Whitehouse over the last couple of weeks.

Things began very smoothly, with the dowsing of a large maple leaf banner with fake (and biodegradable) tar. This and our chants caught the attention of the Canadian High Commission and others in the building. And before long, but just as we finished our protest, the Diplomatic Protection Services (a specially trained police team) showed up – after rumours that we were setting a Canadian flag on fire! This was very far from the truth as our protest remained peaceful and respectful – although full of energy. Meanwhile the Canadian High Commission locked off the their whole floor and it remained locked for the rest of the afternoon.

So while we couldn't deliver our letter, one of the policemen was kind enough to take it up to the High Commissioner.  If anything, it was a heartening sign that people here in New Zealand are ready to hold climate crimes like the tar sands to account. We're still a long way off stopping the tar sands, but depsite this our movement grows, it adapts and it becomes more powerful.

So from all us here in New Zealand, we thank you for your dedication to stopping the pipeline and you can know that we stand in solidarity with you.

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