Here’s a post from Bill McKibben, who was recently in Lebanon for an Arab media workshop on Climate Change:

This tiny Lebanese village is tucked away in the mountains about an hour from Beirut. For the last two days, some of the best environmental journalists and bloggers from around the Middle east have been gathered in a  forest lodge here for a series of briefings on climate issues sponsored by our friends at Indyact, and sponsored by the whole crew at the GCCA.

We talked through the global science, and heard from local researchers describing how the cedars of Lebanon (read about them in the Bible) are falling prey to an insect that reproduces wildly in the new heat. The country’s snows are disappearing, and the crew at this lodge have had to reforest the whole area after a nasty fire two years ago.

But despite the stereotype of the Mideast–oil sheikhdoms that don’t care about environmental impact–there’s all kinds of activism underway. And lots more planned for Oct. 24, thanks to our friends at Indyact. They deserve a real shout-out–we work with lots of activists around the world, but none more inspired than this crew, who really are climate activism in the Arab world. They’re setting a high standard, and we can’t wait to see the results!

Check out some of the media coverage this workshop garnered on Al Akhbar, a top Arab newspaper.


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