Anyone following Bill McKibben on Twitter (or reading the blog posts carefully) will undoubtedly notice that he is all over the globe these days.  Bill is in the midst of an exhausting global tour meeting and speaking with groups and audiences of all kinds trying to build the 350 movement world-wide.  At present he’s in the Middle East (further update coming shortly), but we also wanted to share the story of an immensely cool space we got to visit here in Mumbai last week: The Hub.  

Popping up in a handful of cities around the world now are these activist, social spaces called the Hub.  Essentially it’s a space for people to come together, share ideas, hold discussions and talks, and get active.  So far we know of other hubs in London, Sydney, and now Mumbai.  Are there more?

The Mumbai Hub actually only just opened it’s doors about 3 weeks back, and Bill McKibben’s talk there was it’s inaugural event — and already it was a packed, exciting space to be in.  We are very much looking forward to seeing what kind of creative October 24 actions develop from the folks in that space, not to mention how the activism scene evolves in Mumbai with this new space available.  If you are in Mumbai, you definitely have to check it out…

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