When trillions of dollars of public money and the safety of our futures are on the line, people are going to stand up and be heard.

Through a wave of action and protests, communities from South Africa to the Philippines sent G20 finance ministers and Central Bank governors a clear message as they met on July 18 to discuss economic stimulus in response to coronavirus.

Instead of the same old bailouts for fossil fuel companies, polluting industries, and corporate executives, we need a truly Just Recovery that aims to make a dignified, liveable future accessible for all.

Here are some of those powerful moments from around the globe:


Even while the region grapples with some of its worst floods in recent memory, activists across the country wore Just Recovery masks and staged powerful actions at sites threatened by fossil fuel development and sea-level rise.


In England, Germany, and Belgium people executed targeted actions just outside of some of Europe’s most influential economic institutions, demanding they do better.

Jumpsuit-clad Ende Gelände activists even blocked the entrance to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, while in London people woke at dawn to project a beautiful video-warning on the walls of the Treasury and the Bank of England.

South Africa

Multiple banner-drops took place in cities across South Africa demanding care for vulnerable populations, low-carbon work, and an end to fossil fuel finance.







In Porto Alegre, activists projected the message to end coal financing on the walls of southern Brazil’s largest bank.

And these are just some of the many actions taken both online and offline. It’s only the beginning, and the movement demanding a Just Recovery is getting stronger by the day. You can get involved with local groups pushing for a just and climate-safe future. Find the campaign from your part of the world here.

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