Hi!  I’m in Turkey right now.  I’m here as a delegate from Mongolia to attend the Youth Leadership Camp -2010 organized by 350.org.  There are 35 youth from Central Asia, Middle East and former Soviet states.  I’m happy that I’m attending the camp with youth from all over the region. We are having a lot of fun together while at the same time we are having serious discussions about climate justice.

We are sharing our stories on how we are organizing environmental events to get to work on the issues related to climate change. A team of 350 organizers are telling and sharing with us their amazing stories on how they have been coordinating a campaign across the globe to give basic information on organizing and climate change in order to all have a common understanding on climate justice.

The most exciting thing is we are able to exchange our ideas and get to understand deeper about how climate change is really knocking at all of our doors. No matter what you do and who you are, you have to face climate change.

I am realizing that we have to tell people, whoever we meet, the stories of climate change from around the globe and keep telling people whether or not they accept them right away. We are also learning how to tell our own stories as people in order to be better organizers and be better understood in the world.  And all together we are sharing, developing and inspiring our ideas for the 10/10/10 work party

So far, in preparation for 10/10/10 in Mongolia, I’m planning to organize to visit schools and talk about climate change and do action with students. I’m looking forward to the final days of the gathering which I’m sure will be effective and inspire us more.

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