Couple a days ago we heard the disappointment  from the White House reflecting on how our movement should lead the way in bringing solutions into our hands. A leadership of young, innovative and bold youths play a critical role in building a movement large enough that leaders today can't blind their eyes nor deaf their ears. While the White House sits quietly when we deliver the solar panel, half a globe away, the Vietnamese youths and children are taking actions!


Just got some notes from Jenny from 350 Vietnam. This week, 350 Vietnam are going to 20 primary schools in Hanoi to educate children about Climate Change and together plant over 1010 trees to mark the 10/10 Global Work Party which is happening less than a month time! This will be our seed of hope that we will not be hampered by the lack of political will of world leaders. In fact, there are over 24 events happening during 10/10 at Vietnam showing strong support for and 10/10 Global Work Party.

So what are you doing for 10/10/10?


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