Urgent Rally: No Fracking Anywhere!

On 26th January, MPs will be voting on the Government’s Infrastructure Bill containing, amongst other things, an amendment including the legal obligation to maximise recovery of gas and oil, an amendment proposing a ban on fracking and the Government’s controversial proposal to allow fracking under people’s homes without permission. We want MPs to hear an overwhelming NO to fracking.

Join the rally outside Parliament to tell MPs loud and clear that fracking should be banned throughout the UK.

The rally is jointly called by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Occupy Democracy, Frack Off London and others. It comes just a few days after a petition with more than a quarter of a million signatures urging the prime minister to rethink his “all out” support for fracking has been handed in by environmental campaigners representing a coalition of organisations including 350.org.

The reckless pursuit of shale gas extraction in the UK goes against the most authoritative climate science, the fiercest community resistance and the most basic common sense. Fracked gas is not the ‘bridge’ fuel it’s trumpeted as; it’s a gangplank to climate crisis and wasted renewable energy investment opportunities. On Monday, the Government will hear from the people of this country, once again, a resounding NO to fracking.

Speakers confirmed for the rally: Bianca Jagger, Caroline Lucas MP, Vanessa Vine (Founder of Frack Free Sussex and Britain & Ireland Frack Free).

Monday, 26th January, 12:30pm
Old Palace Yard (On the west side of St Margaret Street/Abingdon Street), opposite Parliament, Westminster, near SW1P 3JX

Please help spread the word, and join us outside Parliament to send a loud message to MPs that the UK is not for shale.

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