Annother round of UN Climate Meetings just wrapped up in Bangkok, and while negotiations are still moving forward at a snail’s pace our movement is growing in leaps and bounds. Check out this incredible footage of youth from across Asia and around the world marching, rallying, and taking action for 350! brought together nearly 100 youth from all across Asia to Bangkok for an Asian Youth Climate Workshop to prepare for our massive day of action this October 24. The results are already paying off! 350 Vietnam and 350 Singapore just launched thier webpages and will be building support across the countries. In the Philippines, actions are now being planned across the country and an SMS (txt messaging) system has been set up to coordinate student actions. In Cambodia, our friends are reaching out to youth, government officials, and citizens across the country, including at Angkor Wat where they will hopefully be having an action on October 24! And much, much more . . .

Take a look at the video above and get excited about the upcoming day of action. Our movement is diverse, creative, beautiful and getting bigger and bigger by the day! 

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