For some time now we’ve been blogging about how incredible the 350 movement in Vietnam has become. They’re shining a very bright light for our movement, leading the way when it comes to education on 350 and taking action. In case you missed any of that news, you now need not look any further than this music video to get caught up. That’s right, a music video for the 350 movement in Vietnam.

The song is called “One World” and was recorded by over 30 celebrity ambassadors of in Vietnam. 350 coordinator for Vietnam Hong Hoang wrote had this to say about the video release in an email:

“I cannot help feeling so emotional watching this. It’s such a privilege to get so much love and support from everyone for the campaign this year. You may not understand the lyrics in Vietnamese, but I hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful melody, as well as the inspiring images of our bike parades, the Climate Camp, where the ambassadors planted trees, helped to clean up the beach, and visited a local school to inspire the kids to live green … 🙂

This video has been broadcast exclusively on YanTV (the top music TV in Vietnam) for 2 weeks, and now it is open for public access. The celebrities were sooooo cool, and so enthusiastic! Their fans and fans have been soooo looking forward to this Music Video, and now it is gonna be played everywhere!!!”


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