Lately I’ve been digging into the power of the Eco-village and Transition Town networks, especially in the UK.  Lately, people at the Findhorn community in Scotland have been digging too, but they’ve been digging flowerbeds.  A ‘350’ flowerbed.  This was part of the annual "Britain in Bloom" festival, for which the area around Findhorn usually receives special attention, so it’s sure to attract notice.

Here also is what was described to me as a spontaneous eruption of support for 350 at Transition Bath in the UK.  Obivously, it wasn’t spontaneous to whomever brought the banner, but what a great response: "Do we support it?  Yes?  Let’s take a photo and send it out!"

These communities are so powerful because they’re both walking the talk on a level of social-change (going far beyond the lightbulbs and hybrid cars), and then talking to the world through their networks, through their broader communities, through  That’s the kind of beauty that we have available to us now with the internet.  You can strengthen your community and the United Nations at the same time.

Can you dig it?





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