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Building Moral Urgency: End Fossil Fuels Now

Pacific leadership has proven key so far — the Warriors and people of the Pacific know decisive action on climate and away from fossil fuels is needed right now. To deliver this message, they’ve been around Bonn and the surrounding area to drive this home.

Watch and share this raw and touching video of the Warriors at the frontlines of extraction.


Sei Festival

On Friday November 3 at the People’s Climate Summit (November 3-7), the Warriors shared their cultures, stories and spirit at a “Sei Festival” to spotlight their resilience and what the world has to lose if we don’t take action now. You can see more on this blog.

Brianna and Lusia from Samoa/New Zealand


Sevusevu in Manheim and Ende Gelände

On Sunday morning, locals from around the vast lignite mine Hambach attended the Warriors’ sevusevu, a traditional Fijian ceremony. A few hours later at Ende Gëlande, thousands of European activists stormed the mine to spotlight the German government’s devastating permission of dirty coal — shutting down 3 excavators and displaying a traditional tapa with the Warriors’ message in the process

You can share this powerful wrap-up video, which also features the Warriors and locals at the side of the mine displaying a huge ‘sei’, their symbol of fossil fuel resistance. The flower petals – spelling out “end fossil fuels now” – were made of tapa cloth from Tonga, painted by Pacific Islanders in Sydney, and with great care transported to Germany.


Nov 5: End the Age of Fossil Fuels

Yesterday, on the eve of the UN Climate Talks, the Pacific Climate Warriors and activists from around the world used their bodies, their culture and their spirits to demand an end to the era of fossil fuels. Thank you 350 Pacific and Ende Gelände for your incredible work.

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“We the Pacific” – Have Your Sei Declaration Delivery

And on Wednesday 8th November, in a deeply moving combination of storytelling, song and dance, the Warriors delivered their Declaration on Climate Change – signed by over 23,000 people from countries around the world –  to Pacific Island leaders inside COP and members of island delegations including Former President of Kiribati Anote Tong.


Building Momentum for the Global Climate Movement

On Saturday November 4, 25,000 people turned up on the streets of Bonn, making it the largest climate march in Germany’s history. The Pacific Climate Warriors lead the front of the march.


And the next day, at the Ende Gelände action, this behind the scenes video was filmed as a demystification of civil disobedience. Thousands are deciding with intention to take direct action for the climate last Sunday, and this could inspire many more.



Many other events around Bonn showcased our diversity and strength, and gave Europeans opportunities to organize and prepare for climate action in the coming weeks and months.

For example, divestment was raised as a strategy for faith institutions in the Interfaith Organising workshop. Discussions explored how values of justice are found across religions, and many religious leaders argue this leads to a moral duty to take action for the climate. You can read more on this blog.


Isolating Trump: People Power will move us forward


People power has not been slowed down by Trump’s announcement that the United States would pull out of the Paris agreement. With Syria signing on, the US is now the only country not taking part – but plenty of people are filling this leadership gap.

On Tuesday November 7, a packed-out press conference launched the The U.S People’s Delegation,  a platform at COP23 to show the force of U.S-based communities and everyday Americans who are pushing for climate action.

To follow, on Thursday, hundreds of people came to hear from them for a 2-hour bonanza of inspiring speeches, diverse storytelling and uplifting song.  The press release is here.


Kyle Lemle performs at the US People’s Delegation Speak Out.


And Saturday, members from the US People’s Delegation met in a Town Hall with elected officials to hold them to account. They explored how cities and local leaders can step up where Trump won’t for the climate, and lead real change on the ground.

The movement is bringing all this power and momentum into week 2 of COP23. You can keep following the events on the live blog here. 

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