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What was the Promise to Protect Training Tour?

The Promise to Protect Tour came to 9 cities across the United States this spring and helped train 1,160 organizers to follow Indigenous leadership and learn how to take nonviolent direct action against fossil fuel infrastructure from coming into their communities. Organizers were provided the opportunity to understand how to organize locally while being a part of a broader, unified movement to stop the fossil fuel industry. We have such a short window to address the climate crisis and we need to escalate to the scale of the problem – and this tour was a great start.

Spanning from Oakland to Miami, the Promise to Protect Tour helped build solidarity between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous activists by teaching folks how to be a good relative and to amplify allyship and strategic action. It also helped solidify a collective understanding of the work and approach needed to build a movement strong enough to stop the most powerful industry in the world–and the politicians that are beholden to them– from continuing to put communities and our climate at risk.

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