We've got election fever here at 350 HQ in California, where all eyes are focused on saving our state's landmark global warming law. In recent months, people all over the country have tuned into the battle over Proposition 23.

We've also got, well, Giants fever. The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series, facing off against the Texas Rangers. Pitting these two states against each other is quite the twist of fate, as Texas oil money is the reason we're having to defend our global warming law in the first place.

Yesterday we teamed up with our friends at Greenpeace, Credo, Rainforest Action Network, Vote Solar, Mainstreet Moms, and Sierra Club, to pass out fliers making the Texas/California connection. We headed to the ballpark with banners, flyers, rally towels, lollypops, and just about anything orange and black we could find. Thousands of people poured into the ball park under our giant No on 23 and 26 signsites/all/files/giants_crowd.jpg

  (for more on the dark horse 26, check out RAN Executive Director Becky Tarbotton's blog)

We also got lots of help from local clean tech companies, who certainly don't want to see Prop 23 pass. Six of these companies put giant banners in their windows, like the one above.

Another really impressive effort to fight prop 23 comes from Joel Francis, a student at Cal State Los Angeles, who issued a public challenge to the Koch brothers, another infamous backer of pollution. Joel's challenge to debate Charles Koch is gaining national attention, and we wish him the best!

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