Yesterday was full of highlights at Powershift. Meeting hundreds of young people from all over the country, hugging old friends, listening to Mary Anne Hitt detail how many campus coal plants have been shut down.

But one piece of news really stands out as a victory: yesterday, young leaders from Energy Action Coalition were asked to meet at the White House. For more than a year, Energy Action has been issuing a challenging call to the President, seeking action in line with the concerns of so many of the young people who turned out in record numbers to elect him.

And guess what happened: in the middle of the meeting, the President walked into the room! Early reports indicate that the President spent 25 minutes in the room. Key points raised included a definition of clean energy that matches one our movement shares.

It goes to show that when you push, you get results. This is just the beginning of a more sustained effort to demand meaningful action from our elected leaders.

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