There are times when this movement can seem rather intangible: a mass of emails sent and received from what seems to be a global movement brewing. But this past week has knocked any doubt about the impact of this campaign out of my head and far, far into left field. Right now, I am at the United Nations Environment Programme TUNZA Youth environmental conference in Daejeon, Korea joining 800 children and youth from 110 countries to talk about climate change. The amazing thing: everyone here seems to already know about 350.

People from Niger to Vietnam, from Panama to Australia see me and say “Oh! You’re with 350. We are doing an action with you!” Then they tell me about the amazing educational campaigns, recycled sculptures, and light-bulb exchanges they are planning for October 24th. People are taking the lead all over the world, and motivating groups all over their country to participate.

A wonderful lady from Mexico even brought her own 350 banner to the conference, and a young boy from Germany is on a organizing the planting of 350,000 trees by October 24th! On top of that, throughout the past 4 days, the 600 children (ages 7-14) drafted up a formal statement that will be submitted to the UN, and that document mentions October 24th!

The word is out, and the excitement about being involved in a global campaign is both inspiring and contagious. I find myself swept up in the excitement of seeing people sharing in a common goal, and that goal is rolling off the lips of people from almost every country I have ever heard of. And what’s more – it rolls off with a smile. It truly feels like we are building the unity and the community to create global action that will protect the earth at 350 ppm.  Join the movement: Register your action today.

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