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Video and Letter from the Executive Director: May Boeve

Dear friends,

2020 was a year that exposed deep connections between the forces that prop up the fossil fuel industry and those that oppress communities bearing the brunt of the climate crisis. At the same time, the pandemic has also illustrated the possibility of how global capital can be directed toward solutions, but only if a powerful movement of engaged people demands it.

Since our founding, 350.org has helped to build that movement around the world. In 2020, we culminated a review of our Theory of Change and Strategy, refining our three-year plan to focus on stopping the money flows to fossil fuel projects as the single most actionable lever for fundamental change. When it became clear that in-person organising and mobilisation would not be possible, our teams quickly aligned to identify a framework for our finance and fossil fuel fights, that of a Just Recovery.

As governments created massive stimulus plans to address the global economic recession, it became apparent that similar action could and should be taken to address climate change. Our call for a Just Recovery garnered endorsement by more than 520 social justice organizations and movements. Together, we demand that public funds are spent to help people and communities recover rather than fossil fuels and polluting corporations.

Over the past year, 350 has intensified our collaboration with other social movements. We know that there is no climate justice without Indigenous, racial, gender, labour, GLBTQ+, ability and other forms of justice. And, together, we are stronger.

It is thanks to you, our donors and funding partners, that we have been able to accomplish the impact you will read about in this 2020 Annual Report. We thank you for your trust, passion and generous support. As we embark upon this decisive decade for climate action and for global justice, we look ahead to this journey together.


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May Boeve, Executive Director

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