Form a Local Group

Our vision is to have thousands of local groups standing in solidarity with one another. We’ve got resources online to help you get up and running!

The process of forming a climate justice group is not a simple step-by-step process. It’s about working with other humans, so it can be messy & non-linear. But it is beautiful and rewarding!

Every giant tree starts its life from a small seed. Just 3 people who commit to working together, is enough to start. Some key tips for getting started:

      1. Together, agree on a clear goal and purpose of your group, that motivates and unites you all.
      2. Be very clear about the scale of your work. Are you organizing a climate justice community in a specific neighborhood, town, city or a region?
      3. Agree your ‘way of working’ together. You could agree to start out with small, simple steps like hosting a movie screening, a discussion over a shared meal, or a meeting with a local politician, and grow from there. Or if you’re feeling confident and strong, you can dive straight in to bigger and bolder actions, like holding a protest, gathering hundreds of supporters names to pressure politicians, or making noise in local media.

Here are some resources that may help you get your group started!

Whether you are a brand-new activist, or you’ve been organizing for years, a treasure-trove of resources is available to help and support you:

Learn More

These trainings offer a series of meeting agendas that you can walk through with your group, to help your group define its foundations. It won’t be suitable for every group, in every context, but we offer it for inspiration!

Download all

If you use google-drive, copy this folder to your drive and explore and adapt the resources for your local group. Otherwise, you can download each individual resource using the links below.

Download all as .PDF or .DOC

Training Menu Overview

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 1 – Choose a Target

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 2 – Make Decisions Together

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 3 – Build Your Strategy

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 4 – Build People Power with Digital Tools

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 5 – Share your Story

Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 6 – Create your Campaign Timeline

Download as .PDF or .DOC

BONUS Workshop – Building an Effective Team

Download as .PDF or .DOC

If you are already meeting regularly with 3 or more people, you can register to become a part of the network.