…It’s going to be HUGE.

As of yesterday, the 350 Day of International Climate Action is 1006 actions strong. We flew past the 1000 action mark sometime in the morning, and the number continues to grow.  This is incredible progress–so incredible that our website can’t keep up with it.  Our counter is frozen at 999, as high as it can go:

We’ll be fixing it ASAP, but I have two things to ask you right now, one big and one not quite so big.

First the big one: What kind of iconic or meaningful action can you take in your community?

If you haven’t registered your action already, click here to get started: https://www.350.org/oct24

We’re a little less than five months away from the 24th of October, when all kinds of creative, meaningful, powerful actions and events will occur in every part of the world showing the number 350 – the safe upper limit of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere measured in parts per million.

On October 24th, we’re giving that number meaning, from the heart of Mexico City to the heights of the Himalayas. If enough of us stand together, world leaders won’t be able to deny our call for strong, immediate climate action that gets the world back to 350.

We’re already well on our way–from the sounds of church bells ringing 350 times to the smell of 350 paellas cooking with solar energy, this promises to be a day for the record books.

If we can mobilize this kind of power and creativity together now, five months out from the big day, there is no limit to the possibilities for how big October 24th can become. You don’t need to know every detail now. Type in your best idea, and then talk it over with friends, neighbors and colleagues – the best thoughts often come in conversation.

If you’re ready to get your community on the map, here’s the link to register an action in your community for October 24, the International Day of Climate Action: https://www.350.org/oct24

Now the easier question: Can you help make 24th of October not just big–but HUGE?

Once you have registered an action or planned to help out a friend or acquaintance, the second best thing you can contribute is people. LOTS of them.

Take the next five minutes, five hours, or five months and invite everyone you can think of to organize an action on the 24th of October–I included a sample e-mail to send to your friends below this letter. 

Share your ideas, and encourage them to organize an event where they are for a safe climate, whether they live across the street or across the ocean. This is how we’re going to multiply these 1000 actions and take a stand that’s big enough to matter.

We are incredibly excited to have reached the 1000-action landmark so early in the project, and continually energized by the passion, creativity, and meaning you bring to to this movement.


Jon Warnow and the 350.org team

P.S. Below is a sample e-mail you can send to your friends and family. But remember–the most powerful messages are personal, so feel free to customize this as much as you want.


Hey everyone,

Most of you know that I’m committed to solving the climate crisis.  If you’re like me, you’re convinced about the urgency of this problem, but don’t know what you can do that will make a real difference.  That’s why I’m writing you today.

I just joined a really important effort to stop global warming at www.350.org. It’s a new global campaign focused on making sure the world takes the kind of big, bold, fast action that we need to solve this crisis.

Here’s the situation:

– The science of climate change is getting darker by the day. The Arctic is melting away with astonishing speed, decades ahead of schedule. Everything on the planet seems to be melting or burning, rising or parched.  No surprise there–scientists tell us that the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million, and we’re at 389 and rising.

– But there’s good news: we’re not cooked yet, and THIS YEAR we have an opportunity to make a real impact.  In December, the nations of the world will be meeting to craft a global treaty designed to help the world act together to solve global warming.   The terms of this treaty may well determine whether we actually save the planet from climate change, so it’s up to all of us to make sure we get it right.

– But nobody’s going to do it for us–we all need to step up here. Here’s how you can help: people all over the world are coming together to create an International Day of Action on October 24th through the website 350.org. The goal is to take a united stand to get the planet–and ourselves–back to 350 out of this huge mess.  If we’re loud enough all over the world, we can really make a difference.

– So, if you live near me, e-mail me back and we’ll start organizing a local event.  If you live far away–even better.  We need as many events as possible, all over the world!  You can register your event at https://www.350.org/oct24

– Why 350? Find out in this fun 90-second video clip: https://www.350.org/animation

Thanks everyone–with your help, 2009 is going to be BIG.

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